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All About Us at Contact Talk Radio


Cameron and Davindia Steele began CONTACT Talk Radio in October 2001 as a terrestrial and internet talk radio program. Through strategic marketing and high profile guests, CTR quickly established a wide listenership locally and internationally. Listeners and Hosts alike mistook CTR as the station it was broadcasting on. Regardless, due to CTR ’ s stellar reputation, Hosts were still requesting to be placed under the CTR brand. After successful test marketing throughout 2005, the only natural “ next step ” for CONTACT was become it ’ s own station. So in March 2006, CONTACT began its 24/7 line up.
With over 50 Hosts today and growing, and an amazing team of professionals, CTRN is a highly successful radio station reaching and assisting millions of people in making positive and empowering choices for themselves.


Cameron and Davindia SteeleCameron Steele

With a background in TV and Radio, Cameron saw the need for a medium that would bring information and resources to people that would improve their lives, assist in their personal & spiritual journeys and contribute to creating wholeness for the world. A true entrepreneur at heart, Cameron began forming the vision for CONTACT Talk Radio in 1996.   Nominated as Strathmore’s Outstanding Professionals in the field of Media and Marketing, Cameron never ceases to share his knowledge and give all of himself for the purpose of facilitating change that starts from the inside and is realized in our world.

Davindia Steele

Sharing her husband’s vision, over the past nine years Davindia (a.k.a. Lucia) has dedicated her life to her family and structuring the business of CONTACT Talk Radio and its operations.  Davindia sees CONTACT as an opportunity to build community on a mass scale through this unique forum.  Her motivation is to continue to deepen the foundation of CTR so it continues to provide positive changes in our world.  Davindia understanding it takes more than intention to create this community, it requires a lions heart and action. 


The Steele Kids

Hello, our names are Jadon Dov Steele, Phoenix Alexander Steele and Tia Maria Steele.  We are Contact Talk Radio's Creative Muses. With our assistance and continual inspiration, we provide an abundance of ideas for the expansion and growth of Contact Talk Radio. The owners who we call Mom & Dad, through our mere presence and irresistible charisma, draw upon their deep wells of motivation, drive and determination to facilitate a voice for everyone on this planet to make CONTACT with their own essence, and flower to be the most awesome version of themselves. Namaste!!!


CTR Client Care

Tom Hawley

Director of Sales


Tom Hawley brings many years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising – 10 years specifically in the broadcasting industry – to the hosts and clients of Contact Talk Radio in his position as Director of Sales. Among his previous roles, Tom served as Vice President of Advertising for Rainier Bank (then Washington’s 2nd largest bank), Senior Vice President of Leigh Stowell and Company (a broadcast research and consulting firm with clients throughout the US and Canada), Director of Marketing of KIRO Television, Seattle’s CBS affiliate (during which time he also worked extensively with clients of KIRO Newsradio), and Director of Marketing for the Sonics Superchannel, a regional cable sports network. Tom is a Seattle native and a Broadcast Journalism graduate of the University of Washington. He lives in North Bend, WA with his wife, Katy, their daughter, Kimberly, and Katy’s daughter, Annalise. In addition, their blended family includes four great off-to-college kids, Maddie at Portland State, twins Ian and Nathan at Washington State University and Anna at the University of Puget Sound.



Production Team and Voices of CTR

Barb Perry

Program Manager


Originally known as “The Dirty Sock Girl” , Barb was a introduced to Contact Talk Radio while psychoanalyzing her issues of walking around in her dreams with “Dirty Socks”.  Later in 2003 she volunteered answering phones for Cameron & Davindia on Monday Nights & “The Monday Night Call Girl” was born.  Since then she’s been a familiar voice to CTR on various Commercial Spots, as well as a frequent guest on their show.  In late 2010, Barb came on full time with Contact Talk Radio as Program Manager.   She has over 20 years experience in retail merchandising & marketing, as well as background in Film & Television….aka – I was a glorified “Extra” back in the day and Production Assistant.  Quote, “I know how to get Directors their coffee really well”.  In her spare time, Barb is an avid Film & Music fan, Ballroom Dancer & SIFF Member (Seattle International Film Festival), spending most her evenings attending any kind of an Opening (Movies, Art…newest Burger Joint with perhaps an attached Roller Rink!), Music shows or just plain watching TV.


Sam Becker



Originally from Spokane, Washington, Sam has been a part of the Contact Talk Radio team since February, 2010. A graduate of Washington State University, he majored in broadcasting while working at two campus radio stations, as well as working on nightly newscasts and directing his own television show. He now spends his time running a business with his friends, fighting a pit bull for pizza crusts, and lifting weights in his front yard, whilst listening to Black Sabbath really loudly. Betwixt work and fun, Sam can be found pillaging local record stores and seafood markets.