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Anchored in Astrology℠

Debra Clement, Astrologer


A student of astrology since she first read Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs" at age 16, Debra credits astrology as the anchor that sustained her through difficult times. Convinced by years of experience that a definite connection exists between the planets and our lives, her purpose as an astrologer is to help people make the most of their planets and planetary cycles, especially the ones that test and challenge them.


Debra offers private astrological readings by telephone and in person (Metro New York area). Day, evening and weekend appointments are available. All readings are strictly confidential, and all sessions are recorded on a CD for your convenience and provided to you at no additional cost. (Cassettes are also available by request only.)


Debra believes that each reading must address the client's concerns, and she encourages them to let her know of any issues or life areas that are of specific concern at the time of the Reading.

To learn more about her services, including fee and payment information, please visit Debra's website at To schedule an appointment, you may email her at or contact her office at (516) 319-5639.

Debra Clement

Intuitive Moon Media

provides innovative instruction including metaphysical certification, books and products for the metaphysical community, as well as seeking out authors, artists, and product developers who have high-quality products to create. You can contact us to learn and experience the many aspects of metaphysics, including leadership skills to help you enrich your ability to present and transmit the gifts you have to share. We offer books, audio books, tutorials, subscription services, classes, special events, psychic readings, and more. Visit


Do you have a book you'd like published? Metaphysical products to offer? Intuitive Moon Media will help you get your product out to the public with our creation team, and market your product through our website, international radio show and monthly publications.

Intuitive Moon

Chris Flisher


Chris has been a student of astrology ever since he had his first chart done at age 20. At the time, a perfect stranger asked him his astrology coordinates (birth date/place/time) and within a few days he had the most amazingly accurate account of himself that he had ever read; delivered by a person who had no previous knowledge of him. He was immediately hooked. He has spent the rest of his time researching, understanding, and practicing astrology. Much like medicine, astrology is a practice (inasmuch as you never really know it all) and a deep complex science/art requiring years of experience and research. Astrologers must work with both scientific data and intuition.


Every effort is made to help enlighten and educate people on the marvels of the deep science of astrology. Astrology is one of the oldest mystical divinations known to man, and it remains one of the most accurate and authentic of all. It is part science, part art and within it, lies the secret to one's true purpose. The science is based on a properly cast astrology chart, while the art comes from proper interpretation.


As a former talk show host on two nationally-syndicated talk shows, Chris Flisher's approach to guests and callers alike is one of openness and engaging enlightenment. Every effort is made to educate listeners on the complexities of planetary alignments, current transits, and zodiacal characteristics of one's natal charts in plain simple language.


In addition Chris is an accomplished mandala artist. He sees the two modalities as closely related practices that draw deeply from the human sub-conscious. Heavily influenced by the work of Carl Jung, Chris has spent years working with both astrology and mandala to help bring comfort, guidance, and purpose to people.

As always; be open to possibilities.

Chris Flisher