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Business Directory: Natural Beauty

Aesthetician Narine Nikogosian's Return to Beauty offers time-tested skin care regimens made from fresh ingredients that can be found right in your kitchen.  

Nature's Cure Acne Treatments
The Inside-Outside Way to Fight Acne


Nature's Cure offers a complete line of face and body acne treatments that combine the best of science and nature. Treat the source of your acne problems with the Nature's Cure 2-Part Acne Treatment.  It works from inside and outside to clear and prevent acne. Inside, the all-natural homeopathic tablets help stop acne where it starts, while benzoyl peroxide cream works on the outside to get rid of existing pimples. Our Anti-Acne Shower Kit and Papaya Skin Care System offer an effective skin care regimen in 3 easy steps. Also try our Nature's Cure Body Acne Treatment Spray to eliminate acne all over.  The specially designed pump sprays from any angle to treat hard-to-reach places like the middle of your back! Nature's Cure is available at Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, Albertsons and more... visit our website to find a store near you.

Devita Skin Care

Devita Natural Skin Care Systems


Devita Natural Skin Care Systems specializes in high-tech natural cosmetic-functional hybrid skin care products also known as “cosmeceuticals” which utilize highly bio-active ingredients for rapid results. We use a scientifically advanced botanical delivery system with certified organic aloe vera bases and alternative preservations systems engineered by nature for optimum results . . . healthy, vibrant skin. Additionally, we are 100% Paraben Free, 100% Vegan and certified by PETA as Cruelty Free. Devita, meaning “of life”, is the philosophy behind our exclusive natural skin care product line, developed through this perfect combination of nature and science.

Devita Skin Care