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Elva Anson

Becoming Soul Mates and Getting Kids to Help at Home

Elva Anson

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Increase your brain power, focus and concentration naturally with TeenLink - the natural formula that puts back in the brain the nutrients that belong there.
Your brain is not a static organ. It is a constantly changing bundle of electrical connections (cells) that are seriously affected by how they are chemically fed. Providing your brain with the food it craves holds the key to the development of intelligence and mental acuity. In other words, Brain Power.

Teen Link USA

CC Lawhon, M.Ed. & Guru-YOU!

Guru-YOU! Is an individualized program for students and parents that implements Full Spectrum Learning resulting in independent growth ability, better grades or scores, positive attitude, fulfilling career choices, dis-abilities turning to A-bilities and much, much more. For more information, go to

Email or call 918.859.6690



cc lawhon