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Mystic Mentorship

Are you ready to take a quantum leap in your personal growth?
Joan M. Newcomb, CPC is a certified professional coach. As a “Mystic Mentor” Joan listens, offers observations and asks powerful questions that connects you to your own Inner Wisdom. She holds the space for you make choices and take actions resulting in rapid transformation and spiritual expansion. She has 28+ years’ experience in spiritual counseling and has been a certified coach since 2001. If you are truly ready to break free of your current reality and step into a new way of navigating your life, Joan is ready and able to support you. Coaching has to be experienced in order to truly "get" the magic that happens. Contact Joan today for your free coaching session!


“Joan’s diverse experience offers a unique environment for cutting through old, unsuccessful patterns. Often very subtle, her facilitation can reap big, positive change!” KK


Email or call (206) 226-3835

Joan Newcomb

Living & Loving Well





Tara Sheldon, MSW
Organization and Clutter Coach ~



Sallie Felton, Life Coach


I am a Life Coach who is passionate about helping my clients achieve their goals. In my generalist practice, I see a wide range of clients including small business owners, professionals, students, career or life 'transitioners' and caregivers,as well as anyone needing assistance with organization and reducing clutter. Because of my own experience, I love to focus on women's issues dealing with relationships, midlife, self-care and self-development. It was not by coincidence that the Coaching profession took hold for me. I found that the characteristics of an excellent Coach were my greatest strengths. My strong intuition, love of challenge, creative approach to problem solving and ease with people, make me a natural Life Coach. You will discover that my patience, genuine caring, encouragement, guidance and motivational skills are all key elements that will support and empower you with the structure and steps it will take to help meet your goals. I am truly at my best when I bring out the best in others.


I began Life Coaching in 2004 as a natural outgrowth of my experience with deep imagery and hypnotherapy. In 2004, I founded with Phyllis Brooks and Lynn Tipton, Envision Health and Healing in Wenham, Massachusetts. The Center emerged from our shared belief that true wellness is a blending of physical, emotional and spiritual health. In aligning one's life with one's vision and one's body with its deepest energetic intention, a path unfolds to a life of purpose, joy and peace. Prior to that, for 7 years I had a private practice in deep imagery at EverGreen Wholistic Center, Topsfield, Massachusetts, which was dedicated to the integration of body, mind and spirit as a key to health and harmony. It was at that time that I realized the healing power and benefits of hypnosis. Both deep imagery and hypnotherapy enhanced my skilled listening with specific knowledge, experience and training to assist me in working with the needs of my clients.

Sallie Felton

Elese Coit, New Mindset Coaching


Elese Coit, of New Mindset Coaching, is a Certified Integrative Life Coach. She is a certified convener of the conversation, ‘What One Person Can Do’, a program where participants directly experience what it means to create a life of value and purpose.


A former lecturer at Westminster University, London, Elese has 10 years corporate management, leadership and coaching experience. Elese has the unique ability to create conversations from which clarity and inspired action arise, even in what seem like technically impossible circumstances. Her corporate experience coupled with many years in the political arena at the European Parliament left an indelible mark on Elese and how she works with clients. She lives and knows first hand (ask her clients!) that there is nothing you cannot handle if looked at through a fresh, New Mindset.


Elese’s Contact Information:

Email: –

Phone: (858) 866-8049


Facebook: Elese Coit

Follow me on Twitter: NewMindset


Elese Coit

Leo Wisniewski

Leo is involved in multiple entrepreneurial endeavors. First, he is a franchise and business consultant Naperville, IL, since 2002. As a franchise consultant, he specializes in helping clients explore franchising opportunities looking for either a new location or to purchase an existing franchise for sale. His approach to helping others is to first educate them about what it takes to be a successful business owner. The next step is to use the information from his client's profile to find opportunities that show strong potential for meeting his client's goals.


Leo’s Contact Information:
4320 Winfield Road, Warrenville, IL 60555
Email -
Phone - (877) 389-0434


John Navin
John Navin is the founder of Financial Designs Inc., a financial planning practice whose primary focus is helping people create the life they want to live. Utilizing excellent resources, analyzing individual financial needs, and lifestyle coaching, John is able to create an increased number of opportunities for financial success.


John’s Contact Information:
Financial Designs, Inc.
725 Cool Springs, 6th Floor, Franklin, TN 37067
2580 Foxfield Road, Suite 101, St. Charles, IL 60174
Email –
- In Tennessee: 615-656-3170 (Phone) 866-673-4465 (Fax)
- In Illinois: 630-584-2800 (Phone) 866-673-4465 (Fax)
Web -

Lauren Milligan
After years of experience in recruiting, sales and marketing, C.E.O. and Senior Resume Consultant Lauren Milligan founded ResuMAYDAY in 2001. An active member of many networking and business organizations, Lauren expanded her company from a one-person operation to a corporation that works with national and international clients. Her education in Communications and her background in recruiting helped Lauren discover how much she truly enjoys helping people find the perfect job for them, something she has been doing ever since.


Lauren's Contact Information:

Lauren Milligan
PO Box 62
Warrenville, Illinois 60555

Email -

Phone - (630) 836-9910 (Office)

Leo Wisniewski


Leo Wisniewski


John Navin


John Navin


Lauren Milligan


Lauren Milligan

Dr. Melody Ivory

With the eye of an artist, the heart of a poet and the brilliance of a scientist, Dr. Melody Ivory updates the human software that empowers you to be the living work of art you’re meant to be. She has risen above being abandoned by both parents by age seven and coping with abuse throughout her early life to being an in-demand personal growth expert, visionary problem-solver, coach, and herbalist...with a Ph.D. in computer science. A former professor and world expert on web evaluation, she is the creator of the Body Song line of handcrafted natural care products and the author of Thou Art the Art, Step into the Frame, Be the Masterpiece, Automated Web Site Evaluation, and the upcoming Step into Your Full Greatness. If you are serious about giving up the struggle for easier, greater success, you are invited to spend time at the dynamic online destination: - THE PLACE to make your life sing.


Illumineering Coaching

Illumineering is a groundbreaking coaching method developed by world-renowned coach, Lauren Mackler. It's a unique integration of the most effective modalities to help people break free of their self-defeating patterns, and create the lives to which they aspire. Illumineering is based on the premise that when we're born, we're whole, integrated human beings with tremendous potential. Growing up, we respond to our life conditioning by adopting habitual patterns, many of which erode our innate wholeness. We carry these patterns into adulthood, and they shape our feelings about ourselves, our relationships, our personal lives, and our careers. Illumineering helps people break free of the shackles of their life conditioning and become the person they were born to be. For information about Illumineering phone and in-person Life, Career, Relationship, and Executive Coaching, click here.


Lauren Mackler

Lauren Mackler is a renowned coach, psychotherapist, keynote speaker, bestselling author, and host of the weekly LIFE KEYS radio show on Contact Talk Radio. She rose to international prominence by developing the groundbreaking Illumineering coaching method. She is the author of the international bestseller, Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life and fellow author of Speaking of Success with Jack Canfield and Stephen Covey. In 2001, she founded Lauren Mackler & Associates, integrating her unique combination of expertise in psychology and business to offer individual coaching, workshops, and professional training programs recognized as among the best in the world today.







Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life is the internationally bestselling book for people who want to achieve mastery over their own lives, and a greater sense of wholeness and well-being with or without a partner. To order, click here.


Solemate: Master the Art of Aloneness & Transform Your Life 12-Session Teleseminar

Are you ready to join renowned coach and bestselling author Lauren Mackler to achieve greater self-mastery and well-being? If the answer is yes, click here to purchase this life-changing 12-session teleseminar!


Solemate Seminar Audio Purchase

Solemate: Uncover Your Authentic Self & Transform Your Life Audio

Renowned coach and author of bestselling Solemate, Lauren Mackler, teaches you her groundbreaking roadmap to achieve mastery of your life, so you can experience a sense of wholeness and well-being on your own or in a relationship. To purchase the audio, click here.


Sign up for Lauren's free Live Boldly e-newsletter at


Visit her blog at and follow her on Facebook Twitter and YouTube.