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Business Directory: Energy Workers

Matrix Energetics® Practitioner
Joan M. Newcomb is a certified Matrix Energetics® practitioner, trained Clairvoyant and Spiritual Healer with 28+ years’ experience in helping to change people’s lives for the better. Joan Matrix Energetics® leading edge consciousness technology as a pathway to transform every area of your life! An energy that is beyond the definition of ‘healing’, Joan has successfully used Matrix with health, relationships, legal cases, pets’ health, and more.


Joan offers in-person and long distance (by phone or email) 30 or 60 minute sessions –


“Historically, my energy sessions results have been more easily identifiable as changes inside me or my body. The Matrix sessions have distinctly had effects influencing outer structures…” JK


Email or call (206) 226-3835

Joan Newcomb

David & Kristin Morelli


David Morelli is an expert in personal transformation: a Biofeedback Practitioner. Reiki Master, Spiritual Intuitive and Life Coach, who has the ability to see, read and heal energy. For over a decade, he has taught classes across the country to empower people to live the lives of their dreams.


Kristin Morelli, a natural intuitive, retired as a self-made multi-millionaire and a single mom at age 30. She has come out of retirement for one reason- to guide you through the energy revolution that is sweeping the planet, teaching you to change your energy to change your life!

Together, they share wisdom and laughter, helping people to create lives of authenticity, abundance, and aliveness!

Kristin & David Morelli

Jennifer Longmore

"Soul Journeys™ Live"


Jennifer Longmore, host of "Soul Journeys™ Live" is an international healer, speaker, teacher, and founder of the Soul Journeys™ School for Spiritual Studies and the Soul Journeys™ Method. She shares her expertise with thousands of people around the globe each year as an Akashic Record Teacher-Consultant, Direct Channel, Medical Intuitive, and Light Worker in helping people permanently shift the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevent them from being who they really are. To learn more about Jennifer and the services and courses that she offers, please visit or call 905-646-9168.

Jennifer Longmore

Dawn Stansfield, Intuitive Life Coach


"Over the last 20 years I have found that compassion of one's self is missing in society today. We have forgotten that as human beings, we chose to come here to embrace our spiritual experience. My personal mission, with the help of my spirit guides, is to assist you in finding your true self, passions, and purpose. We are all born innocent and pure of heart. It is life's trials that tear us from our true soul self. I use my intuitive gifts to uncover your personal trials, fears, and self judgement. With the help of my spirit guides I assist you in healing the issues that keep you from your sacred source. My greatest joy in life is helping you to find yours."
— Dawn Stansfield

Dawn Stansfield

Forever Family Foundation


Forever Family Foundation is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that supports the premise that life does not end with physical death, furthers the understanding of Afterlife Science and survival of consciousness, and offers support to the bereaved. Among the active members of the organization and the executive board are scientists, researchers, medical doctors, philosophers and educators who have devoted substantial parts of their careers to the investigation of the survival hypothesis - an existence beyond this physical world. Visit or call 631-425-7707.

Forever Family

Matrix Energetics


Learn a complete system of healing and transformation based on the laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness and focused intent. Create quick observable changes with no waiting and no running energy.

This weekend seminar is designed for all to come, play, learn and experience amazing new possibilities.


Experience the science and art of virtual transformation.


Matrix Energetics

Art and Soul


Art and Soul inspires, encourages, empowers and celebrates the Creative Spirit in all of us. Humans are designed to be creative, it is our birthright. When we acknowledge this purpose and express our unique creative brilliance we enhance our lives and the lives of others...creating more balance, joy and peace in the world.


To learn more about Art and Soul click here

Art and Soul