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Maureen Huntley, Holistc Health Counselor


Maureen Huntley is a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and a member of AADP. As a Integrated Health Counselor, Maureen works with clients to detoxify their homes, clean out their kitchen cabinets and improve the well-being of the whole family. She teaches clients how to read nutrition labels and cook simple, healthy meals. Maureen specializes in helping people to reduce sugar cravings and discover healthy alternatives to sweets and processed food.



Maureen Huntley

Meg Wolff


Against huge odds, Iā€™m alive and well, enthusiastically living my life. I overcame bone cancer when I was 33, and had my left leg amputated. The disease struck again when I was 40 ā€“ this time breast cancer. Even after a mastectomy, chemo and radiation, doctors gave me virtually no hope. I wanted to live, and was willing to try whatever might help.

Meg Wolff