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The Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies was established in 1999, recognizing the deep inner yearning for spiritual enlightenment and the desire to answer the questions, Who Am I? What is my purpose? How can I develop my intuition? What is my role in the evolution of universal consciousness? Since that time, it has developed a myriad of personal and professional programs all designed to help its students in the development of their intuition; in the discovery of their soul’s purpose; in the refinement of their energy medicine skills, and in understanding how to apply the wisdom found in the ancient alchemical teachings of the Twelve-Gate Mystery Schools of Egypt and Greece into their everyday lives. Since its inception, hundreds of students have been trained and certified.


The goal of the Institute is to teach the science and art of living, the science and art of spiritual alchemy and the science and art of healing. Our programs, like detailed road-maps, identify the obstacles, the mental blocks, the emotional diversions, and the difficult terrain a person might experience in their quest to heal themselves and to assist other people in their healing. The programs offer tools and techniques intended to transform and transmute those factors, thus creating a practical guide to everyday living and to psychospiritual healing.


Carol Ritberger, Ph.D. is the co-founder of the Ritberger Institute for Esoteric Studies and serves as CEO and Director of Education. She authored the curriculum offered in the Institute’s many programs and remains actively involved in the teaching process.


The Institute is currently enrolling new students in the Advanced Master Series of Spiritual Alchemy…Science of the Soul program. In the fall, it will be begin enrolling students in the new NeuroBioGenesis™ Medicine program. This program will begin early 2010. For more information or to enroll in any of the programs, visit our website at

Ritberger Institute
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Linda Snyder
Market Director, Western WA Ladies who Launch

Linda’s passion is inspiring entrepreneurship and creativity as a lifestyle. Mentoring and fostering the development of small businesses is her opportunity to pay it forward. 

As a Business Development Coach and Retail Consultant, Linda has worked with entrepreneurs at all levels. Her background includes many years of executive experience in Department Store retailing, national franchise operation and small business mentoring and coaching.

Linda currently heads up the Seattle Region Ladies Who Launch, a national networking organization that provides content and community to help women start and expand their businesses and creative ventures.

Learn more about the Ladies Who Launch Incubator Intensive Workshops and ongoing monthly meetings in the greater Seattle area:

Ladies Who Launch