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About HD (Hybrid Digital) Radio

The Contact Talk Radio Network is now broadcasting digitally in Seattle on 106.9 HD Channel 3!

Listen to your favorite programs in HD!

HD "Hybrid Digital" Radio technology enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast their programs digitally. The noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops and fades heard on today's analog radios are virtually eliminated with HD Radio digital broadcasting. HD Radio dramatically enhances sound fidelity – AM sounds FM-like, and FM rivals the quality of compact discs.

How can I hear Contact Talk Radio’s broadcast in HD?

  • To hear CTR you can of course listen online right here on To listen in Seattle in its clearest digital form, you will need a special HD Radio Receiver for either your car or home audio system. Once you have an HD Radio Receiver, there are NO subscription fees. It's FREE for consumers.

How do I get an HD Radio?

  • Check with your local retailers and ask for it by name. For more information about HD Radio and to find a retailer near you click here.
  • Note: When you're searching on the Internet, use "HD Radio receiver" as your search phrase in quotes. This will keep your results as free as possible of model numbers using HD or with HDTV equipment.

Don't have an HD Radio?

  • Don't worry. Contact Talk Radio will always be broadcasting online, and you can still listen to us online. In fact, because of the new equipment, we sound even better. But if you have a new HD Radio receiver you will hear us at our best in the new digital format! HD Radio technology also provides us with the ability to send additional data such as weather alerts, news bulletins and more information that will be visible on the data screen of your HD Radio receiver.


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